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Choosing the Best Photos for your Listing

A picture paints a thousand words;  this is pretty useful when you only have 463 characters to describe the property you have for sale. It’s hard to doubt that good visuals is an important part of advertising. When house hunters are sifting through the many listings their realtor sends them, there is always the possibility… | Read the full article »

Back to School For Home Buyers recently conducted an interesting survey about how important school location is in a home search.   Parents do want their children to attend good schools.  They also need to consider how close the new home would be, or how easy it would be for their children to travel daily to class.   “90.53 percent said… | Read the full article »

Targeting Your Niche Market

It is easy to get lost among the cluster of REALTORS® who are constantly pushing their marketing initiatives for anyone and everyone to see; but that may not always be the best approach. These broad marketing efforts often lead to little success or return on investment. Then what exactly is the best way to tackle… | Read the full article »

Establishing your Value Proposition

In its simplest form, a value proposition for real estate agents is pretty much a list of what you can do for your buyers and how much it’s going to cost them. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of rookies trying to make a name for themselves and those experienced geezers with… | Read the full article »

Things to think about as an Independent Contractor

There’s a fun little misconception that real estate agents drive around in fancy BMWs, show a few houses, then sit back and collect large commission checks all day. For the seasoned veterans of the Real Estate industry, you know that is far from the truth. Speak to any of your colleagues in real estate, and… | Read the full article »

Marketing Online Is Not Just About You

You may not want a website, but your clients want you to have one. Marketing yourself is one of the most important and time consuming aspects of a real estate salesperson’s job. There is  a small, fortunate percentage out there that have amassed a large enough sphere of influence that they can successfully market through… | Read the full article »

Why You Need Testimonials

It seems like nowadays everyone has an opinion. That in itself is nothing new; however the difference now is that with the advent of new technology and social media people have an easy medium to express those opinions, and they have an audience. People want to talk about the excellent burger they had at that… | Read the full article »