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Google Maps

Privacy and Google Maps

Here’s a fun activity: Google map one of your listings. Are you happy with what you see on street view? If not, did you know home owners have some control over the images that get used? If the photo on Google maps street view is less than ideal for you or your client, you can… | Read the full article »

Jumptools Gives You Gas!

If there’s one thing that real estate professionals could always use more of, it’s gas! Win a $100 gas card when you take a test drive with Jumptools and publish your website.  All you have to do is sign up for a free trial subscription, create a website and click “Publish”. You’ll be automatically entered… | Read the full article »

Back to School For Home Buyers recently conducted an interesting survey about how important school location is in a home search.   Parents do want their children to attend good schools.  They also need to consider how close the new home would be, or how easy it would be for their children to travel daily to class.   “90.53 percent said… | Read the full article »