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Happy April Fool’s Day

It’s April 1. 2016! If you’ve come to this page expecting to download the new Jumptools PPP app (Puppyfy your Profile Pix), we are sorry to disappoint you. We could have created such an app: (*in Oscar Goldman’s voice) “We have the technology.” However, we decided instead to continue creating tools of more value to… | Read the full article »

You Should Update Your Website.

The Fall Market will soon be in swing. It’s a great season for real estate as more properties start appearing on the market and more home buyers start looking to see what’s out there. According to 2013 NAR statistics, 90% of  house hunters used the internet when searching for property.  Comparatively only 27% used a… | Read the full article »

Getting In Gear for the Fall Market

Another busy market is quickly approaching. When the restful days of summer vacation are done, it becomes time for many to start considering new nesting grounds. This influx of interested house hunters leads the way for homeowners to start staging and sprucing properties to sell. When these home buyers and sellers do start looking for… | Read the full article »

Back to School For Home Buyers recently conducted an interesting survey about how important school location is in a home search.   Parents do want their children to attend good schools.  They also need to consider how close the new home would be, or how easy it would be for their children to travel daily to class.   “90.53 percent said… | Read the full article »

Don’t Abandon Your Clients if you want Referral and Repeat Business

Over 74% of home buyers and sellers surveyed indicated that they would use the same REALTOR® for their next transaction, but only 10% actually did so.* That’s a lot of repeat business breakage. Why does it happen? How do clients who are perfectly happy with their agent’s performance at closing end up not using them… | Read the full article »

Targeting Your Niche Market

It is easy to get lost among the cluster of REALTORS® who are constantly pushing their marketing initiatives for anyone and everyone to see; but that may not always be the best approach. These broad marketing efforts often lead to little success or return on investment. Then what exactly is the best way to tackle… | Read the full article »

Are You Wasting Great SEO Inbound Link Opportunities?

I am always amazed when I see REALTORS® who have a website but who have not included a link to their website from the brokerage and/or franchise profile pages. And I’m even more surprised when I find sales reps who haven’t included their website link in their profile on A very significant part of… | Read the full article »