Happy April Fool’s Day

It’s April 1. 2016! If you’ve come to this page expecting to download the new Jumptools PPP app (Puppyfy your Profile Pix), we are sorry to disappoint you. We could have created such an app: (*in Oscar Goldman’s voice) “We have the technology.” However, we decided instead to continue creating tools of more value to your business.

Stay tuned for REAL news about the re-launch of our marketing studio and upgrades to our CRM. And please give us a Like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if (1) you still want to puppyfy your profile pix, or (2) you want to be notified of our updates. Have a great day and a great Spring market!

And just to make your day brighter, here’s another picture of Casper, our office dog.

Another picture of Casper.

Another picture of Casper.

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