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Google Maps

Privacy and Google Maps

Here’s a fun activity: Google map one of your listings. Are you happy with what you see on street view? If not, did you know home owners have some control over the images that get used? If the photo on Google maps street view is less than ideal for you or your client, you can… | Read the full article »

Choosing the Best Photos for your Listing

A picture paints a thousand words;  this is pretty useful when you only have 463 characters to describe the property you have for sale. It’s hard to doubt that good visuals is an important part of advertising. When house hunters are sifting through the many listings their realtor sends them, there is always the possibility… | Read the full article »

Make Sure You Are Onside with your Ads

It’s important to remember that your provincial Real Estate Act has conditions and specifications that govern any of your public-facing advertising materials. The Act tells you what must be included, what you can never include, and also what things may be included with the right thought and/or permissions. This article provides a quick introduction to… | Read the full article »

Marketing Online Is Not Just About You

You may not want a website, but your clients want you to have one. Marketing yourself is one of the most important and time consuming aspects of a real estate salesperson’s job. There is  a small, fortunate percentage out there that have amassed a large enough sphere of influence that they can successfully market through… | Read the full article »