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In order for us to receive your listings from TREB, both you and your broker need to complete the 'TREB Data License Agreement' and return it to Jumptools.

Understanding the Data Licensing Agreement

Step #1

Fill out your information (Page 4)

  1. You are the licensee, print your name and title and sign your name
  2. Put your TREB number on the form
  3. Print your office name, address and your email address on the form
  4. Select which listings you want to be displayed on your site*
  5. Have your Broker print and sign their name

*You have the chance to include your all of your brokerage listings, your office listings or just your personal listings. We recommend that you show all of your brokerage listings, at a minimum you should show your office listings and your own. The more listings you are showing on your site, the more interesting it becomes for potential buyers and sellers.

Step #2

Schedule "A" (Page 5)

The licensing fees have no cost from either TREB or Jumptools.
Choose the day and date when you are asking permission from your Broker.

Step #3

Third Party Data Transfer Addendum (Page 6)

Date the document at the top of the page and have your broker and you sign the document.

Step #4

Fax us the filled out form

Once the form is completed fax it to us at (416) 645-0889. Jumptools will then send it to TREB to get your listings up and running.

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