Marketing Goes Mobile

More and more people are using smart phones to find real estate info online. But full agent websites can be hard to see and tough to navigate on a small phone screen. The solution? A mobile page with all the key components of a site, in a format that’s designed to be used on a mobile device.

Every Jumptools website now comes with a mobile-friendly version at no extra cost. Any changes you make to your site will automatically appear on the mobile version. It’s a great way to offer your clients a more engaging experience, and an easy way to give them access to the information they want.

Pro subscribers get a basic page with their photo, contact info and a link to their Jumptools website. It’s like an interactive business card – all the info a client needs, with a link to more if they want it.

Visual of pro mobile site

Premium subscribers get a valuable, fully-featured mobile site with links to “about me” content, a contact page and more. If you’ve set up a listings feed with TREB, your clients can access your listings as well. And for Realtors with a bilingual website, the mobile view will link to that, too.

Visual of premium mobile site


Go mobile with your marketing

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