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Got 5 minutes? Go build an amazing website.

Create a website in minutes, and connect with the people who are looking for you and your listings. Jumptools® sites are tailored to the specific needs of real estate professionals and include robust features like lead capture, a library of proprietary articles, and loads of stock images to choose from.

Brand Building Tools

Stay true to your brand and look like the pro you are with a choice of professionally designed templates.

Easy Edits

Keeping your site up to date is a breeze. Our intuitive "what you see is what you get" editing tool makes adding, moving, deleting or updating your text simple. And changing the look of your site is as simple as picking out a new template. Your content will automatically transfer to the new design - no work required on your part.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There's no point being online if leads can't find you. That's where Jumptools SEO-friendly design comes in. Our sites are built with best practice SEO standards, and include:

  • frame-free design
  • text-based content
  • w3c standards
  • editable meta data
  • automatic title tags
  • alt text

Image gallery

Your Jumptools subscription includes a searchable library of high-quality stock images to use on your website. Using images consistently is a great way to reflect your personality and enhance your brand.


Listings are some of the most local and timely content you can have on your site, and are a powerful lead capture tool. With Jumptools, you can automatically showcase all your active listings online. With the approval of your broker, you can also feature all listings for your office or your company.

Article library

Choose from high quality, pre-written articles about everything from understanding mortgage-speak to decorating a home. Written specifically for Jumptools, they're a great way to improve SEO (search engines love relevant content), offer value to potential clients, and position yourself as a real estate expert.


Know the who/what/when/where/how of your site with built-in analytics. Find out where your traffic is coming from and what sections of your site are the most (or least) popular, so you can tailor your site to the people who are most interested in you. If you prefer using Google Analytics, Jumptools seamlessly supports that as well.

Your website awaits

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